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An excellent experience with Dr Zufelt. Friendly caring staff, clear explanations and options. A positive comfortable environment and good pricing. I’ve done a lot of research and this wasn’t my first hair transplant- but definitely was the best! Highly recommended.
Frank Hoffman
So far, so good! I did tons of research before deciding to have a transplant procedure. All my searching led me to "Dr. Z!" I am now 1 week post op and I am very happy with the results so far. Of course I won't have real results for months, but I can comment on the doctor and his staff. Everyone at the Hair Restoration Center of Utah has been great to work with. They are all very professional and personable. Throughout every aspect of this I have experienced great care, and virtually no pain! I could have chosen several different places to have surgery, but the more I researched, the more impressed I became with the Hair Restoration Center of Utah. My search helped me to narrow the choices down to two. In the end, I came up with a situation where all things were basically equal, that is until I found out that Dr. Z's best competitor refuses to do work on trans-gendered patents and is against medical cannabis. I am an ally of the LGBT community and I have worked hard to get prop 2 passed in this state. I cannot support a doctor that is misaligned with my core values. More specific to the procedure: I opted for a 2500 graft FUT (strip) transplant. In harvesting the hair, they actually ended up with 2846 grafts. They transplanted all of them but only charged me for 2500. That's right, they gave me 346 grafts for free! I also asked for PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma,) and they included that at no extra charge! I was prepared for the procedure to take up to 8 hours, but they were done and I was "out the door" in less than 6 hours and that included a lunch break, where they provided me a nice salad from Zupas! If you are looking for a caring, ethical, and effective clinic at which to to have a hair replacement procedure; I highly recommend he Hair Restoration Center of Utah!
Bill Green
I love the results I have from using the Hair Restoration Center of Utah. I no longer have a sparse amount of hair on the top of my head; it looks so much better! The staff was professional and helpful, and I found the entire experience to be much easier than I anticipated. I am so glad I went to see them.
Gail Johnsen
Dr Michael Zufelt was very good at providing excellent information and options. He made me feel comfortable discussing my concerns and understanding my needs. He and his staff are very friendly and professional they outlined expectations and instructions very well. The process seemed very efficient and well orchestrated. I was surprised with how easy and comfortable they made it. At 3-4 months I could tell that the new hair was responding well and 7-8 months even better. I am coming up on a year and I am just so happy and pleased. It was explained that it will continue to thicken in the first two years and it seems like every week it gets better and better. I am happy with my decision to do this and now my only regret is not doing it sooner.
Mike Perkins
Dr. Zufelt and his staff have been incredible to work with. Facility is nice, clean but modest, which is great because you know you're not paying for extra overhead. Dr. Zufelt is a master of the craft and experienced doctor. He is patient and kind, which brought a lot of confidence to my decision. Follow his protocol exactly as prescribed. I've thoroughly researched options in Utah and surrounding states and he is The Doctor to see. He worked at Bosley and was also trained by the foremost surgeon in this specialty in San Diego. Also his surgical staff (a very important consideration) is top notch. I highly recommend Dr. Zufelt and his facility. It has that almost impossibly perfect combination of price and quality.
Brandon Sacks
Dr Zufelt and his staff are great. They were very fair in pricing and did a great job
Carson Poch
I just received what is likely to be the absolute best hair transplant that can possibly be offered. Dr. Z and staff are phenomenal at providing a top rate service. I was so impressed at the efficiency in which they extracted the hair grafts and the precision in which they operated. At all times throughout the process I felt as comfortable as I could be, I was always attended to by the amazing medical technicians, each part of the process was explained, I received a catered lunch, drinks, snacks, vitamins, protein shakes, and a box of chocolate truffles as I left. Seriously - they treated me very very well. They delivered more than what I was expecting going into the procedure, exceeded all expectations. I would recommend the Hair Restoration Center / Dr. Z and staff to anyone interested in getting hair work done. Thanks for a great experience!
Rick Gardner
Fast and friendly staff! Minimal time down and very helpful and kind people! Thank you so much!!
Tony Mat
I have had several PRP treatments with Dr. Zufelt. The before and after pictures are amazing. I’m so happy! The staff is wonderful. They explained what was happening during the procedures. They helped me feel comfortable and informed. I absolutely love the results! Thank you!
Debbie Boman
To The Hair Restoration Center of Utah, I know I made the right choice in selecting you guys for not 1, but 2 procedures. Dr. Zufelt, Jane, Trudy, and the rest of his team don’t settle for ‘good enough’, and this quality of work means a lot to me. The team at this medical office is professional, yet down to Earth and personable. I can’t imagine coming and getting this surgery done without being able to have light hearted conversations and laughs throughout the process. Dr. Zufelt has been receptive to all of my concerns and anxieties even after both procedures and answers any text I send him within that same day. As a resident of Laramie, Wyoming, my home is a mere 2 hours from Denver, Colorado, a city with multiple choices for this hair restoration procedure. However, I chose on 2 occasions to fly to Salt Lake City for the services of Dr. Zufelt. I would recommend this surgery and these services to anyone interested in them, and I’ll always recommend Hair Restoration Center of Utah. Best, Anthony
Anthony Carson

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