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On my last visit I asked you to recommend a hair transplant doctor. You recommended Dr. Zufelt and said he was the best guy, if I was to remain in Utah. Well, he is the best guy I found in Utah, California and Nevada. In fact, he is the single best referral I have ever received. His manner is superb, his staff are delightful and his care leaves nothing to be desired. This is a million dollar doc in the making!!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT
I had absolutely wonderful results. By far the best hair transplant doctor in the Salt Lake Valley. I had a friend go to another local doctor that didn't have as good as results as me. I am happy I chose the right doctor. Dr. Zufelt comes highly recommended by Bountiful cosmetic surgeons as a reason.

I am writing to say how happy I am with Dr. Zufelt and the staff at Hair Restoration Center of Utah. If you want to have hair transplants done, you should choose them because they are the best. They did a wonderful job and I am extremely pleased with the results. They're the real deal. The staff gave me all that they could with their available resources. They did so in an honest, efficient and thorough manner. I've had another transplant procedure, at a different doctor, and Dr. Zufelt is the best. Dr. Zufelt has the aesthetic ability of an artist combined with the finest medical knowledge and skill. Trudy went beyond the call of duty in accommodating my schedule. I only hope that she doesn't have to go through such trouble with every client. Her communication with me was very prompt and very professional.

Provo, UT
I have written this letter to assist anyone considering having a hair transplant in Salt Lake City by Dr Zufelt. In Jan 2007, Dr Zufelt performed a hair transplant procedure for me. This was my fourth procedure. My first two were done by physicians out of state. My third transplant was performed by an MHR physician and I was very pleased with the results. Because I was satisfied with my third procedure I decided to have an MHR physician do my fourth procedure. When I contacted them I was informed the procedure could be done in Salt Lake City. I was very interested in having it done in Salt Lake City because I would not have to purchase airline tickets and pay for lodging. My only concern was that I knew very little about Dr. Zufelt. I read some information that MHR provided, then called and asked if I could meet with Dr. Zufelt. When I met with Dr. Zufelt, we discussed all of my concerns. I was very pleased with his responses to my questions. I was impressed with his knowledge and felt very comfortable with having him conduct my next procedure. Dr. Zufelt performed my next procedure in the first part of January 2007. This was the best of the four procedures I have had done. Dr. Zufelt harvested 20% more grafts than I had anticipated. The location and placement of the grafts was better than what I had received previously. The staff and technicians were also exceptional. Another important thing for me is to be able to talk to my physician in the days following the procedure. In this case, Dr Zufelt was always available or contacted me soon after my call. He always answered my questions and never made me feel like I was bothering him. If you have any questions or concerns about having Dr Zufelt perform your procedure in Salt Lake City, please do not worry. I saved time and money and had the best transplant experience I have ever had.

North Ogden, UT

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