How Hair Transplant Works

Hair transplants have been successfully performed for more than 40 years and are the only permanent method of hair restoration. Major advances in the use of follicular unit hair grafts have dramatically improved the results. Gone are the days of “plug-style” transplantation.  There are 2 different harvesting methods available when doing hair transplantsstrip method of harvesting and follicular unit extractions (FUE).There are advantages and disadvantages of both techniques to provide a more accurate and balanced view of the two approaches.

Dr. Michael Zufelt has been performing both strip harvesting andfollicular unit extractions (FUE) since 2006 in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.  He has excellent results using both methods.

One of the exciting and unique benefits of hair transplants is that the transplanted hairwill continue to grow for the rest of your life.

The goal of Dr. Zufelt's hair transplant procedure is to provide the patient with a very natural look, maintaining virtually undetectable results and optimal density without compromising the donor area.

follicular units

The hair transplant procedure begins with an evaluation of the donor area. This area on the back and the sides of the head contain healthy hair follicles that are genetically programmed not to shed.

Dr. Zufelt's experienced surgical team achieves aesthetic, natural looking hairlines through customized follicular unit grafting and micro-grafting. When manual placement of grafts is utilized there is no difference in regard to the technique of placement of strip harvested or FUE harvested grafts.


Using a crosshatching technique, grafts are artistically placed at varied angles and directions so that the hairline closely resembles naturally growing hair. And since no two hair transplants are alike, every single treatment plan is personalized to meet each patient's individual needs.

A hair transplant procedure is completed on an outpatient basis. The length of the procedure depends on how much hair is being transplanted.

As in nature, the hair grows slowly. The hair begins to grow at three months and will continue to grow at the same rate as your natural hair. Results are usually complete in 10 to 12 months. The transplanted hair will grow forever and does not require special maintenance.

Comparison between Strip Harvesting and Follicular Unit Extraction

Ten years ago the use of follicular unit extraction (FUE) was advocated as an alternative to traditional strip harvesting of the donor tissue. There has recently been a renewed interest and controversy regarding this method of harvesting.

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