Scalp Micropigmentation Cases

Female Hair loss

  • May cause some redness temporarily
  • Itchiness while healing usually minor
  • Potential risk for infection but all marks are superficial, it is done in a very clean environment and risk is very low
  • Ink fading and absorbing with margins blurring
  • SMP is considered a permanent treatment but it can be removed with laser, if one desires.Fading is an aspect that can still be refined.There is no sun protection offered.

Post Scalp Micropigmentation

  • Results are immediate but tend to fade over time thus the need for a touch up or repeat a couple of times. SMP has been around for a limited time <10 years so we do not have a lot of data for people with SMP more than 10 years ago.

(SMP) is a well-known permanent concealer for hair loss because of its sheer effectiveness and immediate results. Defects are more opinion than fact.


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