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I got my hair transplant in july 2023 and Dr Zufelt did a great job. I had an fut procedure done 3100 graphs. It is not painful I actually fell a sleep during part of the procedure. After the anesthesia wore off I had a little discomfort around my jaw but a couple of pills the doctor prescribed took care of that. The next few days was good face swelled upfor a couple days but that's normal. Also the back of my head was numb for about 6 months because of the incision.You can barely notice the scar which my hair dresser said was amazing because some of her clients she said was noticeable. I am real happy and a confidence booster. I am taking finestraside no side affects. Glad I did it and the pricing was good compared to other places . I posted pictures hair on top still thin it takes a year to thicken but I am happy!
Adam Zukowski
Very happy with the results from Dr. Zufelt. I was quite nervous before going in, but it's been a year now and I'm very happy with my look. Dr. Zufelt is easy going, has done it himself and I sense really cares that you're happy with it. Happy to give a full 5 star rating to him and his staff.
Mark Bitton
Before seeing the Hair Restoration Center of Utah, I’m a little sad to admit, confidence in myself was waning. Whenever I went out in public, I felt naked; my hair was starting to get thinner by the day right in the front -- a glaring bald spot revealed itself dead center in my forehead. The quick remedy, a baseball hat; however, this only hid the problem of balding. To be truly honest with myself, I did not want to part ways with my hair! Deciding to take action and after several weeks of research, I found myself in the waiting room of Dr. Zufelt’s office. Dr. Zufelt and his staff were super friendly from the start. They provided answers to questions, and helped me decide the best course of action to get some of my hair back! The surgery wasn’t fun ( I don’t think any surgery is fun), but it wasn’t painful either. Recovery was a challenge at times, but Dr. Zufelt’s and his staff provided awesome instructions and were available for questions and help when needed. After surgery, recovery, and around the 8 month mark, I noticed a major difference. I was no longer habitually doing a comb over to mask a bald spot because I didn’t really have a bald spot anymore. I wouldn’t go so far to say I have thick beautiful wavy hair like I did as a teenager. But the surgery’s results to me were a success. I no longer notice a glaring bald spot. No longer feeling like I’m naked out in public. I have confidence. I have my hair!
Justin Wright
Life changing confidence! The before and after images are satisfying to watch. Very happy with my results. The staff is amazing as well. I recommend this place to my entire network.
Gianpiero Scire
Had a hair transplant 1 year ago-results are night and day. Very friendly staff and easy process. Highly recommend Dr Zufelt!
Scott Sexton
I cannot recommend the Hair Restoration Center of Utah enough! Not only did I have fantastic results, Dr. Zufelt and the entire staff was so kind and helpful!
Steven Ramos
I did hours and hours of research over a span of three years about things you should look for in a hair transplant. I tried finasteride, minoxidil for a year or so. While they are great I was a little late. I got Fut hair transplant from Dr. Zufelt. Dr. Zufelt is absolutely amazing! The service aspect alone, they are top top shelf. I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with a better company. The team that helped me are fantastic! They’ve retained all of their employees 10yrs plus I think. (It was one of my many questions before I chose them.) I describe them as passionate & super dedicated to help their clientele. I can not recommend them enough, they truly are the best! Listen to them and you’ll be very happy with the results. I’m at the year mark, I feel like myself again.
Sam Douglas
Just hit my 1 year mark. Couldn’t be happier with the results! Looking forward to many more years with a full head of hair
Dakota Mahan
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Doctor Zufelt did a great job explaining the options and what sort of results I could expect. It’s been close to a year since I had the procedure and it looks great.
Nick Connor
Dr. Zufelt and the whole staff are great to work with. I just saw my before and after from the first time I was there 3 years ago and I’m very pleased. They’re always up to date on the latest technologies and methods out there.
Jeff Tanner

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