Strip Method

When using the strip method, Dr. Zufelt removes a small section of tissue from an area on back of the head.  The tissue is dissected under a microscope into individual follicular units (Follicular units are one, two and three hair groupings that occur naturally on the scalp). Strip harvesting produces a linear scar. However, the vast majority of patients who undergo strip harvesting have minimal scars that are easily concealed by the hair above the scar. In many instances the scar may not be evident at all except on careful inspection. To avoid multiple scars Dr. Zufelt uses a single scar technique even if multiple procedures are performed.

Dr. Zufelt uses the trichophytic method of closure for strip harvesting. It is extremely helpful in improving the appearance of the strip harvest scar. This allows hair to camouflage the scar and the hair growing through the scar can limit the stretching. Avoiding damage to the hair follicles along the incision lines is crucial in preventing the appearance of a prominent scar.

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