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I was skeptical until I saw a couple people who had it done in his office. I immediately scheduled and had done and have been more than happy with the results. Between 6 and 12 months of growth it was unbelievable. Highly recommend Dr Zufelt.
Dan Luke
As a woman, I was nervous to go in for any kind of treatment. However Dr. Zufelt and his staff could not have made me feel more at ease. I didn't feel self conscious at all and was able to get all my questions answered. Dr. Zufelt is very knowledgeable and did not put any pressure on me to do something I didn't feel comfortable with. I would highly recommend this clinic if you are looking for hair loss treatment or just want to know what your options are.
Bethany Langi
HRC has an amazing staff, they are proffessional, experienced and treat you like family. Trudy, Rachel, Dr. Zufelt and the whole staff basically held my hand through the whole process of hair replacement. I did a lot of resereach and HRC was the best I found in Utah. You never know until you show up and have the surgery and it was good to know my research paid off. Dr. Zufelt is one text away post surgery and the before/after care is 5 stars. Thanks HRC for a doing an exellent job
robert stockholm
I started losing my hair when I was 21, and I went to Dr. Zufelt a year later. I can not tell you how much of a difference the procedure has made on my confidence, and my life! He values a natural look and makes sure the hairline is specific to your head and your needs. He makes the hairline look normal- most people can't even tell that I got the procedure. I'm so satisfied with the work done! Worth every penny.
Tanner Forbes
I experienced an auto-immune reaction and lost my eyebrows and side burns. Dr. Zufeldt and his team have been great to work with. I was so impressed with their expertise, professionalism and concern during the procedure. I would do it again.
Steve Crandall
Dr. Zufelt and his team provided an excellent experience. I exhausted all other options to treat a receding hairline. I finally made the decision to seek hair restoration after 5+ years of other treatments. I did a consultation with a surgeon from Arizona and another in Utah before deciding to go with Dr. Zufelt. I opted for 3,250 transfers with the FUT method. I am almost 5 months post operation and blown away at the results. The scare healed incredibly well and the hair growth is much better than expected. The recovery period following operation is rough for 1-2 weeks but completely worth it. I recommend anyone to do their research before hand, meet with different surgeons, and set realistic expectations with yourself. I contacted others that left reviews to better understand their experience. It is not a low cost procedure but the increased confidence and results I’ve experienced are well worth it.
Sean Kelstrom
Dr. Zufelt and the entire staff deserve more then a 5 star review they over exceeded my expectations and are also some of the nicest people I have met! They help you through the surgery and post surgery as well and help & guide you to make the best results possible! I would recommend no one else besides Hair Restoration Center of Utah!
Miles Olsen
Dr. Zufelt has lots of experience and is very friendly. He gives you realistic expectations he can deliver on. I had my FUT procedure 8 months ago and am very satisfied with my results. I had 4100 grafts. He seems especially great at providing a natural hairline and minimizing FUT scarring. I already can cut my hair with a #3 and you can't see the scar. Very impressive.
Dr. Z is awesome. Guy knows his stuff, he’s been doing it so long he seems casual about it which made me skeptical but the results were awesome. Just don’t freak out at every thing and trust him. I had a ton of side effects: shock-loss (was almost completely bald), terrible swelling, black eyes, nerve sensitivity, etc...but after the 9 months or so passed, I was good to go and had the results I was expecting. Most of all he’s super responsive and willing to take care of his patients past and future.
Bryan Laufenberg
An excellent experience with Dr Zufelt. Friendly caring staff, clear explanations and options. A positive comfortable environment and good pricing. I’ve done a lot of research and this wasn’t my first hair transplant- but definitely was the best! Highly recommended.
Frank Hoffman

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