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I waited a year before writing this review. I wanted to see what my results where first. All I can say is AMAZING!!!!. I wish I would have done it sooner. Dr. Zufelt was awesome and so was his staff. They took the time to go over every question making me feel comfortable. I didn't feel pressure which meant a lot. A year later I have more hair than I ever thought possible. Plus the donor scar is very small. He helped me where you can only see it, if you know what you are looking for. I can have my haircut short just the way I want it. If there is one place I could recommend it is Hair Restoration Center of Utah. You won't regret. The only thing you will regret is why you didn't call sooner.
I had the best experience with Dr.Zufelt . He is Knowledgable, Professional and kind. You can ask any questions and he answers all your concerns with patience. The best part is the doctor/ staff wont influence/ push you toward any treatment options.
anonymous account
Seeing incredible results after only 4 months. I wish I did this 8 years ago. Dr. Zufelt and his staff are very knowledgeable and experienced. I was recommended to Dr. Zufelt by my dermatologist after I inquired about where to go. The procedure was fast, low stress, and very little discomfort at all. I actually went in to work the same afternoon. (I know that may be rare though). I wore a hat for about a week after the procedure and then it was pretty much back to normal life after that. At 5 months more hair is coming in and will continue to do so for the next 6-7. Would recommend Dr. Zufelt to anyone.
Adam Eccles
I went in December, 2016! I am so glad I followed through with the appointment. As I was getting closer to the surgery date I was hesitant because of finances. That's typical for anyone. Between consultations with Bosley, Ziering and Hair Restoration Center of Utah. Dr. Zuefelt made the surgery affordable. It made it possible for me to cover all the costs. Though My satisfaction comes from more than the finances. I'm totally happy with the quality, in just 6 months I notice a difference. Looking forward to the results in December 2017! Also a disclaimer: I have nothing bad to say about Bosley either Ziering. Im sure they are great.
shane hardisty
I had a Great experience, the staff is amazing! Very professional, they are the best at what they do! I Would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking hair loss treatment!
Jeff Wyler
Taylor Lauren Roberts
I recently went to Hair Restoration Center of Utah to get a hair transplant. I worried for years about doing the hair restoration procedure but am glad I did it. I came from outside of Utah and Doctor Zufelt made me feel right at home as soon as I walked in the door. He was extremely friendly and professional and answered all of my questions and concerns that I have had for a long time. Most importantly, he was very proficient at performing the transplant and his staff were also very professional as well. He has been performing transplants for many years now and his talent was first-rate. I have been healing very quickly and the downtime has been minimal. I was back to work promptly and I am very satisfied. I'm sure this transplant will grow in wonderfully and I would recommend Hair Restoration Center of Utah to anyone looking for an experienced surgeon who cares about his patients. 5/5
Benjamin Burr
Savannah Malmrose
This Hair Restoration Clinic is unrivaled when it comes to knowledge,skill, professionalism, cleanliness and hospitality ! I had a extremely stress free and fun experience considering I was going into surgery . Dr. Zufelt is a master at his craft and has a keen eye when it comes to artistic detail ! The staff is excellent and goes the extra mile to make you feel appreciated and safe. I'm overwhelmed with happiness with my transplant ! If you're considering hair restoration this clinic without a doubt is the best is Utah!
Nicholas Black
Elizabeth Bossard

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